HySnow wins EL-MOTION Award 2022


HySnow – Decarbonization of winter tourism by hydrogen-powered fuel cell snowmobiles – has been awarded the EL-MO Award. The HySnow project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund as part of the 8th call for Lighthouses of Electromobility.

In this highly innovative and holistic project HySnow the decarbonization of winter tourism is demonstrated: A photovoltaic system provides green electricity for an AEM electrolyzer that produces green hydrogen. A hydrogen storage and refueling system supplies hydrogen to two snowmobile prototypes with specially developed fuel cell propulsion. The operation of the infrastructure and the vehicles are demonstrated under real operating conditions in the Austrian ski resort Hinterstoder-Wurzeralm.


Award ceremony, (from left to right): Martin Aggarwal, Nigel Foxhall, Leonore Gewessler, Karlheinz Kopf ((c) annarauchenberger.com / Anna Rauchenberger)


The award was given by Federal Minister Gewessler and WKÖ Secretary General Kopf, more information about the award ceremony.

Congratulations to the whole project team and thanks to Climate and Energy Fund and FFG for funding this project.

The consortium:

  • BRP-Rotax
  • HyCentA Research GmbH
  • ElringKlinger
  • Fronius International
  • Hinterstoder Wurzeralm mountain railways
  • Graz University of Technology
  • ECuSol GmbH